Today Show

"yes, hello - I've got the daredevil skier here ready for studio entry....."

I have lived a very fulfilling 34.5 years of life so far... but NEVER did I think I would hear the above sentence being said about me. But said about me it was, as I walked in to meet the good people at Channel 9 for my segment on the Today Show last Thursday.

It started with a facebook friend request from a person I've never met before, followed by a message stating that my story was seen in the Manly Daily the day before and they would like to discuss further as this "sounded awesome and like quite the story". I accepted the friend request and met an amazing girl named Lauren, a producer on the show... and the phone interview came shortly after.

In between the laughing, sentences such as "are you serious" and "wait... like you've NEVER skied" were said... the fact that she actually lived in Boulder, Colorado likely really drove home the insanity of this to her.. honestly this one one of the best brief interviews I've had for this so far.

They asked me to come in at 7am for a 7:55 interview the next day, and I could barely sleep I was so excited! I went in, after being branded the "daredevil skier" by reception, was escorted into makeup - where I was told I didnt need any but gave me a little powder anyway... HEY, it was early in the morning after all! In the makeup room the girls were laughing about my chances of actually pulling the challenge off... standard really.

I then walked out onto set, awaited my segment which followed a "young vet" segment so as I walked up to the stage I was passed by ducks, dogs and children of all sizes grinning from ear to ear about having been on TV... I could relate. When I went on the hosts were SO incredibly nice and strikingly professional, this certainly wasn't their first rodeo... as it was mine. Our brief conversation wasn't scripted and just had a fun freestyle chat to it which made me far more comfortable, seriously, they were amazing to talk with!

The interview was quick and I got a message from the producers after saying that it went great and they are putting it on their website - INTERVIEW CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE.


So this was seriously one of the best experiences of my life... and have to be honest has made me hungry to do more. The ability to spread the word about the challenge (this one for Vasaloppet specifically) and the charity (Feel the Magic) was a dream come true. From this a few interesting conversations for other fun stuff has begun so will be updating on this soon.

Im still buzzing from this and continue to wake up smiling knowing without a doubt that I am living my purpose of getting out and making my dreams of adventure a reality, and helping as many people along the way as I can.

I genuinely thank you for reading, supporting and following along. I will keep working hard to keep creating stories to post! Yes!

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Thank you for reading!!
Josh the "Daredevil Skier"