Training by numbers

I thought it would be nice to provide an update of where I'm at currently in terms of stats on my training...

1 - Peanut Butter Sandwiches consumed during training (today was the first, and NOT the last... you can take the boy out of the USA but you can't take the USA out of the boy...)

2 - Times I've fallen (HARD) while going over 35K per hour on the roller skis. Might I add, this has nothing to do with roller skiing being dangerous - it's not - it does however have everything to do with me completely overlooking common sense a few times and not paying attention to you know... where the road ends, etc.

3 - Countries I've trained in outside of Australia (Argentina / Macau / Hong Kong).

4 - Goo energy gels consumed during training (the tropical ones - stay AWAY from the berry ones, they are liquid devil)

5 - Times I have caught people slowing down deliberately to take a video or photo of me from their car. Any press is good press people...

42.8 (k per hour) - Fastest I have gone on the roller skis so far :)

45 (kilometers) - furthest distance skied during one training - THIS WAS TODAY!!! POW!! This is the halfway mark to the 90K Vasaloppet finish line! 

60 - days until I get my feet in the skiis for the start of Vasaloppet!

99 (ish?) - expletives of various strength I have emitted during training at the gym, running, 5am starts, roller skiing up hills, etc, etc... I believe this is an integral part of the development??

COUNTLESS - Times I have smiled, laughed and genuinely been overwhelmed along the way by all of the people that have showed support.