You ski mine, and I'll ski yours

This journey continues to surprise me!

Today I was contacted by the great guys at ONELIFE Jomack - I can say these dudes are the real deal - and I highly recommend clicking on the link and following their journey. Marcus and I connected via our friends at Roller Ski Australia and the timing was perfect because the dudes are on a rest day today.

Rest day. Lets review what that means to most of us:

Sunday? Yep.

A day off of the gym? Sure.

Netflix marathon after a big night out? Clearly.

Well... to Marcus - rest day means a days rest after just having kayaked THREE THOUSAND K's before charging the remaining EIGHT HUNDRED K'S on their kayak trip from Sweden to Istanbul! 

REST DAY. Pfffft...

So once they hit Istanbul its just a simple walk across India before coming to Australia to roller ski across the entire country. Yes, I meant to type all of that. Its this last part that has us crossing paths in a very advantageous way. The two Swedish guys have been cross country skiing before, but never roller skied. I, have been roller skiing but have never cross country skied. So the guys coming here in January to take on a massive roller ski challenge is perfect timing as thats just a month before I go to their country to take on a massive cross country ski challenge... haha yikes.

The lads have been kind enough to ask me to join them on their Australian crossing kick off so I will head out of Sydney roller skiing with them to see them on their way. Likely, I will hit 50K (+/-) and hitch hike back but not without an affectionate wave and a few kind words.

I love seriously this. 

Here's Marcus and I matching notes... and realising we're both crazy in very similar ways. Go Team Adventure Beard.