Only dead fish go with the flow

When my good friend Nikki (a Sexologist and Author by trade) called and asked if I would go along with her to a body building championship last Sunday as she wanted to take her friend some cupcakes to celebrate her participating in and finishing the comp, my reaction was quick and confident.


It wasn't just that I love our catch ups (I do), or am a sucker for red velvet cupcakes (I AM!) - but it was the chance to just see and be a part of something I have never experienced before that quickly saw me trading laundry day to check out something new.

In the taxi to this competition she tells me how important it is to ask yourself "when's the last time you did something for the first time". Think about that... And ask yourself the same. 

Theres a saying in Swedish that translates to "only dead fish go with the flow" which is a personal favourite. I like to call on this subtle reminder regularly to check in on myself - am I doing the things I am doing because I am genuinely passionate about them, or am I doing the things I'm doing because they're, well, the things I've been doing. 

Shake things up.

Try something for the first time. 

Usually start the day tying your right shoe? Start with your left tomorrow. Little things matter. 

Don't go with the flow, you're not a dead fish. 

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Have a great day. 



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