The importance of analog

While recently on a road trip around Norway with my Father, a number of occasions arose reminding me of the importance of going analog or "offline" or "old school". In a world of Google Maps (which, admittedly has saved my proverbial behind a number of times) smart phones, tripadvisor, etc. I found that unplugging from the reliance of these things caused me to be more in the moment and relying on my own ability to think critically and come to my own conclusions. Apps suggesting the "best places" to have a coffee in Tromsø are great, however tying my shoes and walking out the door to stumble into a random experience was far more rewarding than punching in an address from a recommended source.

I was in a discussion with the Parents of a very good Norwegian friend about which route to take when driving from the north of Norway to the south. Being locals, they gave us some tips on places to see and a route to take, however they left a lot of gaps in their advice, to choose our own path. Then they did something that made a huge impression.. they gave me a map and a pencil. My friends Father said "technology will get you there, but I recommend charting your own way and draw where you've gone - this will not only guide you but provide a great momento of your journey". This really opened my eyes to the purpose of adventure, not just choosing a location and going there, but designing the route along the way, based on my interests and mood at the time.

Where in life can this be applied to you?

We took their map, and their advice and hit the road... and ended up creating a rich and fulfilling experience over the following weeks that truly made the trip the success that it was.

Im not saying throw the iPhone out the window, after-all I needed it to listen to the new De La Soul album (highly recommended) - Im referring specifically to the activities that keep us from exploring, sketching, calling and unfolding maps on a park bench along the way to a destination.

My advice to you, and myself - find yourself following your intuition, not just apps. Is the GPS saying go straight but you feel like turning left? Turn left.

As defined by "Analog is the opposite of digital. Any technology, such as vynil records or clocks with hands and faces, that doesn't break everything down into binary code to work is analog. Analog, you might say, is strictly old school". (

Have fun in the old school - and good luck folding your maps up..

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