The search is on!

Back in Sydney!

I clearly need supervision - I booked my 28 hour trip back from Barcelona landing me in Sydney the same day I gave the guest speaker presentation to the amazing Feel the Magic community (360 people) at their annual charity ball "Night of Magic"! What an amazing experience this was, jet lagged or not! I was thrilled to receive great responses on my talk ranging from being told I inspired people to take on initiatives of their own, to an amazing guy offering me a mountain bike from his mountain bike company so I can begin training for the Offroad Finnmark 700! Epic!

I am THRILLED to share that I have been not only accepted to participate in the worlds toughest mountain bike race in the Arctic (700 kilometres and a 10,000 metre vertical climb...!!) but they have also sponsored my teams entry!! This is incredible! I will be participating in a team of 3, all of us training here together in Australia and heading to Norway August 2017 to take this challenge on together... so excited!

SO - now the hunt is on for the charity to represent. Based on many conversations I had on my trip through Europe about the current refugee crisis and growing need to support displaced Children find safety and education... my focus lies here. I have been in touch with a number of organisations and will soon be announcing the charity that this challenge will support. If anyone has any tips or suggestions - please reach out!

Watch this space!

Josh :)

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