Get Help!

Today,  in a warm cafe in a cold Bondi I had one of the most amazing conversations with one of the most inspirational women that I know. I will leave her ID withheld but I have had the good fortune of knowing her for a few years as we used to work together on TEDxSydney. This was the second time we've met outside of "work" to discuss all things charity, passion projects and well, life... and I always leave a better person for her giving me her time.

We hadn't caught up in person since before I did the ski race in Sweden - and outside of hearing about her many exciting updates, I had an objective for the chat. Going into this I knew that I wanted to ask her, formally, to be a mentor of mine. I've never asked this of anyone before and to be honest I was nervous as she is an incredibly busy woman and I didn't want to be too bold for her ongoing attention in my Outspire journey!

But... thats the point, sometimes we need help and when you have the fortune of experienced, intelligent and insightful people, Im learning it is important to formally ask for their help and to bring them onboard your mission.

The result - she said absolutely!! Haha her response made me incredibly happy as she said it would be an honour... so now I officially have a mentor in one of the strongest women I know! 

As my new mentor she already has me onto a couple tasks to consider for Outspire... 

This is really getting good :)

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