Reclaimed hobby: a sketch a day!

Hello from Stockholm!

Just a quick thought from a rainy morning on my trip..

Funny how we forget things that we used to be passionate about isn't it?! I remember as a kid I loved drawing and sketching, but maybe it's because my childhood consisted of an internet-less world where a key ingredient to growing up was boredom. Boredom in a good way. This meant we had time to stop and just look around. Now I find I am guilty of phone addiction and the never-ending search for "whats next"..

Well, today I have decided to reclaim my passion and commit to creating a sketch each day as an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the view around me. You can see from the photos below that I am a complete rookie in skill, however I am thrilled to have found this hobby again!

If interested in the progress I will be updating these on instagram to save you from having to see my wobbly efforts here, but just wanted to share :)

Happy Sunday!

Josh StintonComment